I am available to teams who understand that this blockchain race is a marathon, not a sprint. My singular interest is learning from those genius specialists who are building in the trenches while sharing my passionate and unique style of getting things done.

“Work with The Willing” is my motto. If you’re talking about blockchain, you must talk about risk management and mass adoption. I am interested in supporting teams who already get it and are willing to actually do it. Who know to ask themselves better questions. Who are smart enough to know that each of us begins and ends at Zero. Wise enough to forget about being everybody’s Hero.

Clear communication. Present priorities. Experimental excellence.
Our 5M Method runs everything.

I am clearly not for everyone. My best work is with teams who are ambitious, courageous, patient and well-funded. If you are committed to demonstrating world-class excellence and you feel the energy of my direction, let’s talk to see where we can take this.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I work global.

For The Willing, I’m ready.
Are you willing?